Video: Partying at an Indian wedding in Udaipur.

It’s wedding season in India, or so I’m told.  It has something to do with the stars in the sky being favorable to be married under.  It seems everyday I see a procession of beautiful colors and hear the sounds of drums beating in the streets.  The couples dress in traditional clothes adorned with flowers and jewelry while be paraded around for a celebration that can last for days.

One night while walking back to my guesthouse, I saw in a park beautiful tents blowing in the wind with catered food under them.  I thought it must be a wedding and it looks like a beautiful one to attend.  Further down the road I heard that familiar sound of drums and saw them leading a groom riding a horse through the streets.

I heard the music, saw the dancing, and noticed the many gestures I was getting to come join.

It was time to experience my first Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding - Udaipur, Rajasthan - Chuck Manley

The aftermath.

Like every wedding I’ve been to, the ones here revolve around music, dancing, eating, and socializing with some of your favorite people.

And special thanks to Eva Ullrich for helping me with this project.  It’s difficult to get footage of myself so she was a big help in being there to capture the shots needed to tell this story.  Check out her website to see some of her awesome paintings.