Singing From The Rooftops in Jaisalmer

Have you ever been so happy that you wanted to stand on the rooftops and yell it out for the world to hear? Well that’s what I did tonight in Jaisalmer, India.

I’m happy here. Not in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, or India, but inside of myself. In that stillness that exists between my breaths, I am at peace. Life isn’t coming to me, but through me. I am the manifested magnificence of the universe present, aware, and conscious of itself. I am not alive, I am life.

I’m giving as much as I can, however I can, and the more I give, the more there is. I am in sync with the cycle of abundance. The glass is full, overflowing, spilling into the streets, and I am swimming in it. I feel like a child splashing and playing in a flowing river.

Joy on a Jaisalmer rooftop.

Jaisalmer, India rooftop

Jaisalmer, India rooftop

Tonight I stood on the rooftop overlooking the tungsten glow of the city of Jaisalmer below me. I put my hands over my heart as I often do to remind myself of how lucky I am that it keeps beating, I keep breathing, and life keeps going like a never ending dance party. I wanted to yell to the universe, “thank you for bringing me here,” but what came out was something different.

I opened my mouth and from it came a beautiful hymn that I picked up in my travels. I stood with my eyes closed, the wind ripping through my hair, and just sang as loud as I could for the world to hear. The words came through my vocal cords, but originated somewhere else. Somewhere far away in time and space, but familiar to me.

I sang it again, and again, and again, until my mouth got dry. The sounds harmonized with the silence of my mind and I was taken away to someplace else. I sang until my chest hurt and just when I thought it was over, I kept singing. I sang until my eyes swelled with tears and my heart burst with joy. I sang until whatever it was that made me start decided I could stop.

I sang because for a moment I learned that I am the song of the unmanifested, not the muse from it which it emanates from. There is Chuck Manley, but who I am is something else. Something older than time and beyond anything I understand but so close to my heart that I can feel its presence each time it beats. I am an essence that flows through this and this is just a dream that I sometimes wake from.

  • Gayle Long

    I could only be so lucky as to have a moment of peace and personal fulfillment as you’ve experienced. I dream of the day…..