Everything I Know About Elvis and Photos From Graceland

In front of Elvis Presley's Graceland tour

Standing in front of Elvis’ Graceland mansion.

My best Elvis story.

I don’t really know a whole lot about Elvis. In fact, the only thing I do know, I learned in paramedic school. There are 12 cranial nerves that emerge directly from the brain and the ‘vagus’ nerve is number 10. The vagus nerve runs from your brain and wanders down through your neck, heart, and other vital organs, before terminating somewhere in the abdomen. When the vagus nerve is stimulated it creates a higher concentration in the blood of the neurotransmitter, norepeinperine. This results in a parasympathetic reaction which has the effects of causing vasodilation, bradycardia, and increased gastric motility. One of the side effects of Elvis’ opiate usage was chronic constipation. While trying to evacuate a duece from his colon, he managed to over stimulate his vagus nerve which resulted in his vomiting, passing out, and going into a lethal cardiac arythmia. Today, “The Elvis Presley Syndrome” is used to describe over stimulation of the vagus nerve while taking a dump.

Elvis has more gold records than anyone ever!

Elvis has more certified gold and platinum records than any other solo artist or group ever in the history of music.

With knowledge like that, I felt it was my duty to explore Graceland during my time in Memphis, TN. To be honest, I’m not overly excited about Elvis, or celebrity houses, and typically I don’t do a whole lot of touristy things, but I recognize the importance of Elvis Presley. The number of people who pay to walk through the doors of Graceland is a testament to his legacy. I probably can only name a couple songs by Elvis, and it would hurt my head to think that hard, but my dad even likes Elvis, so he can’t be too bad of a guy.

The jungle room in Elvis Presley's Graceland

The Jungle Room, as well as the other rooms of the house have been preserved just how Elvis left them.

Cost of the Graceland tour

The tickets for the Graceland tour start at $32 for the most basic, and upto $70 for the VIP tour. The basic tour is a self guided tour through Elvis’ mansion, and then the more expensive packages get you extra stuff. I paid $36 for the platinum tour because I thought the extra $4 was worth seeing his plane, but it included a few other things that could be enjoyable for others. The tour includes a pair of headphones that allow you to walk around at your pace with the recorded voice telling you where to go and what everything is. I had more fun taking pictures than I did learning about Elvis, but there was a lot of information to be taken in for the adorning fans.

People still mourn Elvis Presley

I hope I leave this much of an impact on the world before I die.

I spent time in the mansion, walked through his auto collection, peaked in at the plane, but after all of that, I had seen enough of the King and his tomb. As someone who only went there to take photos, I just couldn’t handle anymore Elvis for the time. There was also an exhibit by Fender about his influence in Rock n Roll. There were artifacts from Elvis on tour. There was tons of stuff to see if you love Elvis enough, and plenty of keepsakes to buy. The photos made it worth the trip for me, and the tour gave me a new appreciation for the tour, but the $30+ that it cost was still a bit steep.  On a tighter budget, I wouldn’t have hesitated to skip it.

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