I’m making my dream adventure come to life!

This is the start of something bigger than I’ve ever done before.

I’ve always had a dream of going to India, buying a motorcycle, and exploring it until I’ve had my fill.  I’ve decided that it’s time to stop dreaming, wake up, and make things happen.  Because if you want something badly enough, it’s up to you go out there and get it.  I’ve wanted this so badly for so long that I feel like it will be one of those things that if I don’t do it, I’ll look back on life and ask myself why.

This trip has been in my head for years.  I’ve always told myself that some day I’d do it, but I wasn’t ready yet.  And I’m still not ready yet.  And I’ll probably never fully be prepared to take on what I’m going to take on.

I will be going to India by the end of the year.  The funding from this project will help me get there.  Watch my video, let me know what you think, and head over to funding.chuckmanley.com to read more about this ambitious adventure and learn how you can help.

project details (nerd stuff)

This was my first video project ever and it was a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to shoot more.  The most recent footage was shot with my Pentax K-5.  I dug up old footage from previous trips that was shot with a GoPro HD Hero 2, and a Kodak Playsport.   I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud.

The crowd funding website a is custom built wordpress site that I host myself.  Since it is my website, there is nobody to collect fees from me.

I hope everyone enjoys the hard work I put forth on this!