Chuck Manley moved to Seattle

For those who can’t keep track, I moved to Seattle, Washington. But, as someone else put it, you have to live somewhere in order to “move.” The last placed I lived was in Hamtramck, Michigan; a small enclave of Detroit. That was nearly a year ago.  In August I walked out of the door with it no longer being my home.  I went to Seattle where I got picked up by a hippie bus and taken to Burning Man.  I ended up traveling the US being a media spokesperson for a Fortune 1000 company.  I flew off to Central America to learn to scuba dive.  Then I went to Mexico for an end of the Mayan calendar rainbow gathering before  returning to the states.


Scuba diving in Utila Honduras.

My friend was right.  I didn’t move here. I stopped moving here.  When I got back to the US I made a list of places that I wanted to spend more time in.  I told myself that I was going to spend at least 3 months in a place I had been before that I wanted to experience more of  I found a 3 month marketing program executing in various cities around the US. I applied to manage the Denver, Atlanta, and Seattle markets. They hired me for Seattle and I got here March 17th for training.

Between training and the start of the program I began looking for a place to live. Until I did, I spent a some time sleeping on a couchsurfer’s floor. Then I spent some days staying at the Green Tortoise Hostel with my Australian mate. Then I ended up in Portland for the weekend crashing on my friend’s couch. I moved into my room in Capital Hill on April 1st.

This guy is good.

Chuck Manley hanging out with an authentic Aboriginal Australian man.

The program I was working officially launched the first week of April. From then on I spent 8 weeks working 50-60 hours and commuting over 2 hours each day to get from my apartment to the airport outside of the city. One day I came into work and they said for all of the effort that I put into the program, they were going to give me the last month off! In other words I was fired.

Fired but not defeated, I found myself with a ton of extra free time. The stress was lifted and I walked lighter as I’ve trotted around Seattle. I can move slower now because in essence I have no where to be. I spend my time soaking up sun in the park, reading books, and channeling my inspiration through creative outlets. I’m learning new skills and better myself at old ones.


Gasworks Park

Seattle is new enough that I still feel in a comfortable element of travel. Everything is still a process of exploration. There are new experiences to be had around every corner. New sites to see, lessons to learn, and new beers to taste. But, because of my semi-permanent state, there are opportunities to build connections, create memories, and plant seeds that are stronger than if I were coming and going so quickly.

What I’ve been doing in Seattle.

I’ve been really focused over the past few weeks about taking actions that will get me things that I want. This means taking more photos, writing more blog posts, learning more digital media, and studying marketing techniques. I’ve made it a point to update this blog once a week and I have done just that. I’ve been working diligently on a website idea that I conceptualized over a year ago and been making progress on it that I’m really proud of. I feel my mind expanding as it makes room for all these new habits.

I want to work on making more good habits. I want to make myself regularly do the things that bring me joy in life. It sounds silly at first to think you would need convincing to do something you like, but I found that I have a lot of resistance sometimes. Here is an example. I could be having a bad day, and the last thing that I think about is going out to take photos. But, I if I do, I’d probably forget about a lot of my problems because photography brings me joy.


Skyline of Seattle, Washington shot from Jose Rizal bridge.

Seattle has been good to me so far and hopefully it keeps it up. I plan on posting more about everything that I love about the city in future posts. Make sure you follow me so you can be kept in the loop. 

And if you any suggestions of things I HAVE to do while I’m Seattle, let me know by leaving a comment.

  • Doc

    Great post Chuck! Keep up with the adventure and with the posts so I can live the adventure vicariously through them!

    • chuckmanley

      Will do. What do you want to hear about in particular?

      • Doc

        I think a beer/brewery/brew pub critique in each post would be
        interesting. Like having segments in the post kind of like a radio show
        but in print!

  • Tim (TLock)

    One of my heroes and short-time mentor Steve Badanes built a troll back in 1990 under the Fremont bridge. It makes me smile, and was my only important destination in Seattle when I had the good fortune to stop there for 16 hrs or so on the way to Vancouver from Portland with my girlfriend. Have you seen it? Go to N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N.

    • chuckmanley

      I have seen it! Last year when I first spent time in Seattle. The whole Fremont neighborhood where the troll resides at is pretty freaking awesome.