A week in Spring Bank Alberta, outside of Calgary.

I’m sitting on the floor of a house in Spring Bank Alberta, just outside of the city of Calgary. I got here by a chance encounter of running into a friend at the rainbow gathering who was taking his bus in this direction. I asked myself why not and decided to go along to Canada. I had packed my passport just in case such a thing came up. The 5 day trip from Dillon MT to Calgary was epicness and full of love and magic. I was reminded that I live in a world of abundance surrounded by friendly people. I learned again the virtues of having no where to be, nothing to do, and being pushed forward by the naive sense of faith that has never proven itself wrong.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Our bus threw a piston about 100km from Calgary and has been out of action since then. We arrived in Spring Bank as a crew of 9 on the back of a towtruck. I woke up on the bus in front of a beautiful house outside of the city and have been here since then. Living in this house for the past week has humbled me as a guest in someone else’s home again. After having spent so much time staying with strangers along the way, I value the interactions we get to share with each other learning and teaching as we go along. This time has been no different.

It has been an extension of my bus life because I still primarily sleep on the bus and I’m still in pretty close quarters with the other folks who were riding on the CoLaboratory with me. Our numbers have dwindled lower in the past week but our bonds have grown stronger. I’ve learned a lot about my housies as we’ve spent nights conversing around fires, tables, and food. By learning about them I’m reminded of how similar we all are and it helps me cultivate greater compassion for all people.


The CoLaboratory!

But it’s not a bus. I’m in a beautiful Albertan home overlooking the Canadian rocky mountains. I see horses grazing in fields across the road and airplanes flying into sunsets every night. The stars encircle me in the evenings as we sit around the fire or dance in the living room in impromptu parties where the dozen or so people that I know in town are all here. I’m humbled to find strangers along the way that are so generous to bring me into their homes and make me feel welcomed. I try to return that same generosity in whatever matter I can. Whether it is helping with dinner, cleaning up the house, or sharing myself as I can.

Experiencing Calgary without words.

I’ve been practicing experiencing without words for the past couple of days and it has shown me beautiful things. By removing the words to the experience I’m able to diminish the “I” that experiences them. The “I” of the ego clouds the actions from what they really are by making them revolve around itself. Once I am removed from the moment, I realize that I am the moment. As I close my eyes and feel the wind around me I become the observer observing all things that the breeze carries to all and from all. From the source and to the source from all points in time in a cycle that carries with it everything that has and will ever happen.

I breathe it deeply into my nose and pull it into the light inside of me. The air carries the sounds of wind ripping through redwood trees, the feeling of an ocean breeze across the flesh, the sight of it spinning clouds like cotton candy around mountain peaks, and the olfactory imprint of a distant lover during a heartfelt embrace. The breath carries the imprint of the experiences we have shared and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that it continues to evolve and remind me of the beautiful things that I have and will experience.


Manhole cover in Chinatown, Calgary.

And with that the light burns hotter and shines further through the darkness illuminating the way.