The merry and not so merry Christmas from Kashmir, India.


I spent Christmas 2013 in Srinagar, Kashmir enjoying time with my family here as well as exploring the darkness of Christmas from my past.

95 awesome photos from Srinagar Kashmir, India.

photos from srinagar kashmir

I’ve been in Kashmir now for about 3 weeks. I’ve been staying with a family here in Srinagar and feel like one of them. I’ve experienced the culture, fell in love with the people, and have found a place to call home in this part of the world. I feel my time here is coming an end though and soon I’ll be heading south to explore the rest of this crazy country.

105 Photos from a rural village in Kashmir, India.


After spending a week in Srinagar, India, I negotiated a deal with a local trekking company. They would give me a 4 day excursion into the mountains and I’d help them with their digital branding allowing them to grow their business through the internet. Here are the photos from my trip.