Adventures from Portland to Arcata


I was told there was work waiting for me in Arcata, CA. I headed off from Portland to get there as soon as possible. On the several day trek getting there I would meet a lot of crazy people and end up in some pretty weird environments. It was fun!

Epic stories hitchhiking from Calgary to Vancouver.

Hitchhiking west to Chilliwack, BC

I left Calgary Alberta with a friend of mine and we spent the next week hitchhiking across British Columbia. We worked for food, met beautiful people, and danced our faces off.

The happiest day of my life.

Zion Canyon Music Festival 2009

A friend of mine recently asked me about the happiest day of my life. I thought about a time back in 2009 when I was hitchhiking through Colorado on my way to Denver. I woke up covered in frost and yelled at the mountains while the sun rose behind their peaks. I felt triumphant on top of the world at 9,000 feet above the sea.

Hitchhiking my way to salvation.

Chuck Manley in Joshua Tree

There came a moment in my life when i realized that I wasn’t happy with the direction things were going. I decided to drastically shake things up by living out a childhood dream of hitchhiking around the country. I quit my job, sold everything that I owned, and took off with the wind in my sails. With nothing holding me back and not a single obligation, I embarked on the greatest quest of self realization I’ve had to date. It was breathtaking, challenging, and inspiring.