Travel photos from July 2013 (134 photos)

Dancing in Hedley, BC

In the month of July I managed to go from Seattle to Montana for the rainbow gathering.¬† After that I hopped on a hippie bus that runs off of waste vegetable oil and went to Calgary. ¬†From there I went with a 19 year old Canadian girl that I barely knew and hitchhiked across British […]

Epic stories hitchhiking from Calgary to Vancouver.

Hitchhiking west to Chilliwack, BC

I left Calgary Alberta with a friend of mine and we spent the next week hitchhiking across British Columbia. We worked for food, met beautiful people, and danced our faces off.

A week in Spring Bank Alberta, outside of Calgary.


After breaking down in Spring Bank, Alberta, my crew and I spent a week living out of a beautiful home along the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We grew closer together while we dealt with the interesting dynamics of living in a stranger’s home with their family.

Riding on a hippie bus from Dillon, MT to Calgary, AB.

The CoLaboratory sitting under a double rainbow.

After leaving the 2013 rainbow gathering, I hopped on a magical bus that took me on whimsical adventure to Canada.