105 Photos from a rural village in Kashmir, India.


After spending a week in Srinagar, India, I negotiated a deal with a local trekking company. They would give me a 4 day excursion into the mountains and I’d help them with their digital branding allowing them to grow their business through the internet. Here are the photos from my trip.

10 photos of Detroit’s ruin porn from an urban explorer.

10 photos from abandoned Detroit.

Exploring the abandoned buildings of Detroit has become a tired cliche for anyone with a camera, but I owe those forgotten pieces of history a big thank you for giving me a venue to play in for years while I learned the ins and outs of photography.

Alchemy 2013 Photo Gallery (73 Photos!)


I just returned from Georgia after attending Alchemy – The Georgia  Burn.  Alchemy is one of 2 annual regional Burning Man themed events that take place in Georgia.  The event started in 2007 and has grown to become the largest regional burn in the United States.  This was my second year going. These types of […]

71 photos from the bay area (San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland)


I recently was staying with a friend of mine in Oakland, California.  I spent a total of 4 days there trying to photograph as much as I could between San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland.  I wasn’t able to get to nearly all of the spots I wanted to, but such is the life of the […]

Burning Man 2012 Photo Gallery (110 Photos!)

In 2012 I finally made it to Black Rock City, NV to attend my first Burning Man. I went with the intention of taking great photos. I took some decent photos, a few greats, and overall enjoyed my experience at my first “big” burn.