Joyously jaunting in Jaisalmer (74 Photos!)


Jaisalmer, nicknamed “The Golden City” is in the state of Rajasthan, 575km west of the state capital Jaipur.  With a population of around 60,000 residents, Jailsamer’s main source of income stems from the tourists that come from all over India and the world to experience the rich desert culture.  I spent a week here staying […]

Viewing Varanasi vicariously through me (102 photos)

Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh, India

This is Varanasi. It sits in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. At just over 1 million people, not only is Varanasi the holiest of the 7 sacred Hindu cities, it also the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth. Varanasi is the melting pot of India bringing people from all over the country. With them […]

Photos: Bikaner Camel Festival 2014 (99 Photos!)

Bikaner Camel Festival 2014

The state of Rajasthan India has a long tradition with the camel dating back thousands of years.  There are many Camel Festivals throughout, but the most well known is the one in Bikaner.  I happened to be in town while it was going on and it was the highlight of my time in Bikaner. Bikaner […]

50 great photos from my first day in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amber Fort - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

I woke up January 1st to start off the new year in a new place with new sights and new people and new experiences.  I would be exploring the city of Jaipur at a slow pace, talking to locals, drinking chai, and seeing some of the famous sites. Top 5 Attractions in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India […]

95 awesome photos from Srinagar Kashmir, India.

photos from srinagar kashmir

I’ve been in Kashmir now for about 3 weeks. I’ve been staying with a family here in Srinagar and feel like one of them. I’ve experienced the culture, fell in love with the people, and have found a place to call home in this part of the world. I feel my time here is coming an end though and soon I’ll be heading south to explore the rest of this crazy country.