Alchemy 2013 Photo Gallery (73 Photos!)

I just returned from Georgia after attending Alchemy – The Georgia  Burn.  Alchemy is one of 2 annual regional Burning Man themed events that take place in Georgia.  The event started in 2007 and has grown to become the largest regional burn in the United States.  This was my second year going.

Alchemy Georgia Burn 2013 - Effigy

3 minute shot of the effigy.

These types of events are inspired by Burning Man and allow people who follow the values of that event to meet up in their respective parts of the country.  They’re smaller, more intimate, and much more accessible.  I happen to think regional events are quite a bit better for these reasons.  I find more participation at these smaller gatherings and a lack of elitism that I found when I was at the big burn in Nevada.

The venue the event is held at is a beautiful piece of land a couple hours outside of Atlanta.  This year the tickets were capped at 2501 which made it quite a bit smaller than last year when I went for the first time.  I like the smaller numbers because it creates a tighter knit group in my opinion.

Our camp was called Lumpkin and had about 30 people.  Half of which I knew and the other half seemed to have heard of  me before my arrival.  It’s nice to know that people I respect speak highly of me to their friends.  It was a little embarrassing though and made me feel like I had to be in character.  I loved our little camp family though and I had the most fun just sitting around the fire with them chatting at night.

I slept a lot (lame, I know), but I also had a great time. I can’t wait for next year!

Alchemy Georgia Burn 2013

Across from camp Lumpkin.

Photos from Alchemy 2013