95 awesome photos from Srinagar Kashmir, India.

I’ve been in Kashmir now for about 3 weeks. I’ve been staying with a family here in Srinagar and feel like one of them. I’ve experienced the culture, fell in love with the people, and have found a place to call home in this part of the world. I feel my time here is coming an end though and soon I’ll be heading south to explore the rest of this crazy country.

I came here as a guest.  A paying guest to be more precise.  I paid for 10 days of accommodation, and afterwards they asked me stay as family.  When I got here I had to pay for my trekking and tours.  These days I assist with the other tourists and go wherever they go without cost.  This has allowed me to see the many amazing sites in this city and share the photos with everyone who can’t be here with me.

I’ve learned about the history of SrinagarKashmir and Islam.  I’ve learned about Mughal architecture and the role their civilization played in the development of this region.  I’ve become knowledgeable about Kashmiri carpets and shawls.  I even bought 10 shawls to give some as gifts, and maybe sell a couple.

I’ve visited ancient Hindu temples, Mughal gardens, and Islamic mosques.  I’ve eaten what the locals eat where they eat.  I’ve become a regular at the tea stall on the side of the road.  My host became my friend became my brother.  His family became mine.  His kids call me uncle.

I’ve been asked to stay here for longer, but I can’t.  There’s still the entire subcontinent of India that needs to be explored.  I was told though that after my trip is over, I could leave the country for the mandatory 2 months, come back with a new visa, and stay for 6 months helping in the family run tourism business.  Free lodging, meals, and a small stipend to get by.  It’s a tempting prospect but not one I’m willing to take up yet.

But this post is about Photos from Srinagar, so here they are!