How time has changed the older I got

An Australian arm wearing a watch.

Time isn’t as constant as science would have you believe. I know this when I think about to being a school boy and how long a summer vacation seemed to last. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen that time can be influenced by perception. Our brains can slow it down, speed it up, or sometimes forget it even exists when time seems to standstill.

Happy EMS week 2013 (lessons of life and death)

Happy EMS Week!

I worked as an emergency medical technician for nearly 5 years in an ambulance in metro Detroit. I saw a lot and I learned a lot more. That time gave me many important insights into life and death. Through seeing others lose their lives, I was able to appreciate mine so much more. In honor of EMS weeks 2013, I want to share the best call I ever went on and what it taught me about life.

Going off the deep end at Rothbury

When I finally started to get it.

When it happened, there was no going back. Down the rabbit hole I ascended and deeper I continue to go. This was about realizations that can’t be unseen and introducing me to an entirely fresh outlook on life that world around me.

Free Drinks and Accountability!

Cheers from Chuck Manley

I want to push myself to becoming a better blogger by making a post a week for the next year! I’m creating accountability by offering a free drink to everyone who follows my progress if I fail. That means if I don’t come up with 52 updates in the next 52 weeks, you will be drinking on me!

Thanksgiving 2012: Utila Honduras

Thanksgiving dinner at Skid Row - Utila, Honduras

I spent Thanksgiving 2012 in Utila Honduras diving, eating, and spending time with friends. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year was great!