5 ways I make criticism my bitch!

How to deal with criticism.

Criticism is something that comes as a by product of being in the lime light. If enough people are paying attention to you, you will eventually attract haters. I’ve had my fair share of them and the negativity they bring. Here are 5 tips I use to make criticism my bitch.

I’m making my dream adventure come to life!

Need Funds For Epic Adventure

I’ve always talked about going to India. Now I’m deciding to make my dreams come true by kicking off a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for my trip. I made an awesome video to help promote it. Check it out!

A letter to my 18 year old self. (Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday!

For my 28th birthday I’m writing a letter to myself 10 years ago. At 18 I thought I knew it all and in hindsight I really didn’t know anything. These days I think I know a tiny bit more than I did then and I wish I could pass on this knowledge to myself back then.

Happy EMS week 2013 (lessons of life and death)

Happy EMS Week!

I worked as an emergency medical technician for nearly 5 years in an ambulance in metro Detroit. I saw a lot and I learned a lot more. That time gave me many important insights into life and death. Through seeing others lose their lives, I was able to appreciate mine so much more. In honor of EMS weeks 2013, I want to share the best call I ever went on and what it taught me about life.

10 tips for increasing happiness.

chuck manley's happy face

Happiness is the key to living a long and enjoyable life. Everyone is deserving of it and we should be equipped with tools that help us get there. Here are a couple tips to cultivating long lasting happiness.