Chowing down in Chandni Chowk (part 2)


I didn’t get my fill from Chandni Chowk in one day, so despite my waistline, I returned for another day of delightful dining in this charming nook of Old Delhi.

Chowing down in Chandni Chowk (part 1)

Chandni Chowk - Old Delhi

Old Delhi is known for the incredible variety of delicious street food that can be had at an amazingly low price. After spending too much time at overpriced tourist restaurants, I headed off to where the locals dined so I could brush elbows with Indians at over crowded food stalls. I was not disappointed!

scrambled eggs, hash browns, and falafel; photos from today’s breakfast

Scrambled eggs in curry.

This common dish in my kitchen is typical of what I eat for breakfast. It combines a simple curry recipe brought together with scrambled eggs. .It’s a vegetarian dish packed with protein that is a hearty way to start off the morning. These photos represent one of infinite iterations of this dish. Simply follow my curry recipe, add what you would like to it, and and mix it with some eggs. Voila!

A brief lesson about curry and a versatile recipe

Macro shot of what it looks like to cook down tomatoes.

I love cooking curry, but when I tell someone that, they have the wrong impression of what that means. In the west, the word curry is generally used to refer to a certain type of food from southeast Asia. The word is a British translation of the word kari. Learn what kari is and then try this simple recipe to develop your own curry style dishes.